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Pointed Shoes&Ballets to suit everyone’s fancy!


Here I am , in my bedroom, with my laptop on my legs, very close to infertility, watching my beloved little chinese shoes in my shoe rack , while I think “I have to write a post about pointed ballets”.

Oh well, if it must be so… ready, set, go!

-just saying,” little chinese” because I fit 2/3 shoe size – 😂

So, these shoes are (RE) fashion since some years.
Three years circa.
And no, I hadn’t a correct approach with these shoes.



These shoes were cool when I was 12 or 13 years old. But , pointed decolletès were cooler  than ballets. So, I remember that my parents , for my birthday, gifted me black suede ones, ON MAY! great idea ah? But then, they went out of fashion.
When we are teenagers, with all those crazy ormons, we only think to be liked by other people and being “foxy” (oi oi 😧) . Anyway, I blew those suede shoes away.
Trends go by, teenage years go by and 2006 arrives.  With it, it came Christina Aguilera and her “Ain’t no other man” and her oldfashioned 40s styles,and those round pointed decolletès and those open toe ones and all those sparkles. What would you do? Don’t you imitate Christina aguilera? EVERY GUY FINDS HER SEXY!!
Alas, irony of fate wants – or just fashion wants it – that even open toe shoes go out of fashion.
Would have you believe it? So it happened.
Goodbye to you, big toe, that blue you turned, during cold and freezing nights, goodbye!
Then, it was plateau decollètes turn.
 Those dizzying heels that every jetset celebrity had!
Never will I forget kim Kardashian’s beige ones! It looked like those shoes were the only pair she had – yes, yes, how no… –
And those that Victoria Beckham wore during William&Kate wedding? hate squared, for her shoes and for her husband!
So, everybody had them.
And we, poor girls, we could only dream about those heels.
What will you do? Don’t you buy a pair of “thousands and thousands” inches plateau heels?
Yes, of course.
They entered my shoes collection and I swore that I wouldn’t buy anymore a pointed shoe in my life.EXPECIALLY WITHOUT A PLATEAU!
“UNTHINKABLE! What a discomfort!! How could I stay on heels for HOURS AND HOURS  without any plateau?! WHAT A TOMFOOLERY!” Used to say the genius, here, that writes….
(As those 10 inches heel and 6 inches plateau shoes were some comfy plushie slippers..).
Sooner, their time came yet.

The point is that last year FOR MY BIRTHDAY (it looks like Murphy’s law) I bought new  SUEDE pointy heel shoes – yellow, this time –


They give such a polished appearance. They add something like a “soar” effect and when you are not exactly a tall girl, it has not to be understimated.

But now let’s quit with my stream of consciousness and my flashback tales, this post has to talk about pointed ballets and flat shoes, not heels.

I said it once , if you didn’t get it , I’m not tall at all and I really love flat shoes.

What a disaster.

But these pointy babes rush to aid us. I don’t know if you ever noticed that rounded ballet shoes, often, do not justice to short girls, instead, pointed ballets lengthen ,optically, our body shapes.
Try it out and you’ll believe it.
I wrote the same thing  in “midi skirts” post ( if you didn’t read it, link  HERE ).

Now let’s start with pics and tips!

Image source: http://www.popsugar.com

“Couldn’t I share a cheetah one?” I can’t help it, I love too much animalier prints.
People, be patient.
So, it is quite evident how this shoe “lengthens” feet silhouette more than the rounded one.
In addiction, they are very versatile. With rounded ballets there are “some limits” creating certain outfits, with this one you can go wild!
Have you a roch soul? Oh yeah, these ballets will suit every strong look you can imagine!(these ballets above would be perfect!).

You can use them however you may like! Ripped jeans or a mini dress, just like the picture on the top or still, with a skirt. It only depends on your mood. You car really play with these babes!

Yes, of course, if we are pocket girls, we have to use some tips as : you could cuff the bottom of your trousers, right above your ankles ; you can wear mini skirts, showing off our legs! Or yet, put on high-waisted jeans!

Would you like to undergo man’s style? This model – maybe a loafer or an Oxford or a Duilio shoe would be the top – it’s just perfect for you!
With a jeans – boyfriend ones, why not – or pinstripe trousers that are so cool this season (if you missed my post about 2016 S/S trendy prints, you’ll find it HERE ).
You won’t be out, for sure!


Just look at these red ones! Let’s use these blessed ballet shoes as accessories for giving to our monochromatic outfits a bit of colour! HAZARD IS THE WAY!

Now take look at the photo on the left. That girl wears a medium-long striped pencil skirt but she does not look like “shorter” . This is even because those pointed ballets balance her outfit. Now, try to figure it out with a pair of rounded ballet shoes. It doesn’t look that harmonic , do you? mmmh …Nay.

image source: http://www.popsugar.com

Finally, we can create a dolly look with these shoes but avoiding that H-E-A-V-Y-  Victorian age “porcelain doll”.
These shoes will give us, at the same time, both a modern and elegant allure. Great no?

But I have to say one thing. For those tall girls who have some “problema” with big feet. These shoes could let your feet look like longer then what they actually are. So, a solution could be using ballets like those powder pink ones , right on the top. These could help you because those belts will “cut” your feet shape and it will appear , not shorter, but not even longer.

By the way, I Defiantly love these pointy shoes. They are fabulous, NEVERMORE I will swear that I won’t buy anymore pointed shoes.

I learned the lesson.

I swear up and down!

And you, Daaaahhhhhlings? what do you think about pointed ballets? Do you like them?



X x

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