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The Christmas Presents Guide: 10 Sustainable and Bloody Fashionable Gifts

Today is the 14th of December 2019 which means that we are ONLY 11 days far from Christmas. 🤶

I know that’s probably the most magical moment of the year for many of us but , on the other hand, it’s also the most stressful time of the year.🚦


Presents are, alongside unavoidably long suppers with relatives we’d like to erase from our lives forevermore, the main reason of mental strain among the western population.


I therefore decided to write this post because – only in the EU – 5.0 tonnes of waste were generated per EU inhabitant in 2016 and during the days between Black Friday New Year’s Eve the waste-rate grows sadly faster.

Why does it happen?

Maybe it is the stress,The Haste, the sparkling lights above our heads that make us act foolishly or perharps it’s just the feeling WE HAVE TO present something to someone.
Wherever the reason lies, those items we buy so idly don’t always suit other people’s fancy and they are are likely to be sent to landfills.

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Here’s the reason why we have to think who we are giving a present to, focusing on sustainability as much as possible.

That’s why I thought of 10 Sustainable and yet (bloody) Fashionable gifts for the people you care for !


1 – Alpaca Jumper

This fiber is getting quite trendy lately and for good reasons.As reported on “”

Because of its soft texture, alpaca fiber is sometimes compared to cashmere. The fiber also has the luster of silk, making it even more coveted. Alpaca is just as warm as wool, yet it is a mere 1/3 the weight. It comes in 16 natural colors and can be dyed any desired shade. Containing no lanolin, alpaca fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic. Most people who are sensitive to wool find that they can wear alpaca without the itching or irritation they feel from wool because alpaca fiber is smooth. Additional performance characteristics include stretch, water repellency, and odor reduction. For travelers, clothing made from alpaca is desirable because it is wrinkle-resistant.

You can find good ones all over the web but I recomand you the EVERLANE sweaters and even if they won’tcome very cheap, an Alpaca Jumper is forever ❤

2- Vintage or Second-Hand Scarves or Foulards;

We are used to think Scarves as pretty common or even mainstream Christmas presents but the truth is that the right one could give an upturn to one’s look.

I happen to love scarves ergo I KNOW THAT both online and in real shops it’s quite easy to find great vintage and designer bargains like Burberry scarves for less then 100€ as well silk foulards , including designer ones like Hermès or Dior, which can be worn in a thousand ways like on the hair or around the handle of a bag.

Details are important girls.

You can find great deals here:

RokiIt Vintage
Vestiaire Collective

Trust me when I tell you that you can find WHATEVER YOU FANCY IN VINTAGE SHOPS.

3- Pre-Loved Books

I love vintage clothes for there’s a story behind them and so second-hand books do.
I know that feeling that the perfume of new books give us and a book is ALWAYS a good gift, even if new but here we discuss about sustainability right?

Nothing is like an old, good, book.


My third advice for your sustainable and yet fashion (yes, books ARE fashion, more than a Louis Vuitton) Christmas presents is going to be a pre-loved book.


The choice is almost limitless and one can dive into a world of classics like “Alice in Wonderland” , Masterpieces like “1984 ” or unconventional and less known books like “The God of Small Things”

If that’s going to be your choice you’d like to search for the right one here: ThriftBooks
you’ll also receive an extra 15% off your first purchase ❤

4- Sustainable Jewels

You can be sustainable and yet buy new goods for Sustainability doesn’t only pass through vintage clothes or books but also via new items such as jewelry and accessories.


Moreover, sustainability promotes fair wages and ethical working condition, that’s why I decided to aknowldge you on a jewelry brand based in China called “Jewels & Aces” which is standing out of the crowd.

The brand says:

“Jewels & Aces’ artisan partners are women-owned small businesses, who are able to provide reasonably-priced jewelry due to investments in innovation and highly skilled employees, rather than low wages and poor working conditions.”


Their designs are quite elegant and minimal and prices go from 50€ to 300€

5- Design Soap Bars

As I reviewed Shea Sassy a couple of months ago (READ THE REVIEW HERE), I coul not avoid to include these wonderful soaps in the list.


The charcoal soap is my favourite bar so far but you can choose among 8 different fragrances, one better than the other.


Whether you’d decide to get single bars or the set (which is amazing) , you’d definitely make a great and consciuos choice.

6- Scented Candles

Inspired by the minimalist Lagom style, Consciusly-made Candles are quite trendy lately (luckily) and they are absolutely a good Christmas present which match perfectly with the Holy Christmas mood.


We also seek for the design and the more they look good the better, isn’t it?

Below I’ll leave some links of my favourite brands and I’m sure you’ll find the right one for your dears or for yourself as well ( DISCLAIMER: not all of them are wallet-friendly)

Snoward Candles
The Very Good Candle Co
Helm London
Neom Organics
Maria Nila

7- Conscious Home Decor

When it comes to ethical shopping for Christmas, one could find unbelievebly eco-minded and sustainable brands out there that offer amazing conscious home products.


From pillows to cushions from Parachute as well as rugs and bathroom essentials from The Citizenry or Viva Terra these brands could provide nice and eco-friendly gifts to present for christmas.

8- Maria Nila Sustainable and Cruelty-free Haircare

It’s pretty hard to find sustainable hair products, in addition, I’m a sort of a newbie because I mainly go for coconut oil as hairmask and that makes my haircare routine sadly poor, I know, BUT this summer I had the chance to put my hands on a vegan and cruelty-free hair mask which happened to be amazing : Maria Nila.


They say about their Company:

“We provide the world with friendly, sustainable beauty
in a professional, conscious and playful way”


It’s fair to say that the mask I tried was splendid, my hair looked amazing and I therefore decided to include their gift boxes on the list.

Maria Nila

9- Neom Wellbeing Pod / Essential Oil Diffuser

If you have a loved one who lives for blue chamomile or orchid essential oil well, I got you covered.


A very personal and yet original present for essential oils lovers /zen people may be a Neom wellbeing Pod (which is nothing else but an Essential Oil Diffuser)

If you never heard of such a thing, you need to know that it’s a quite useful device used for meditation or just to perfume one’s room ❤
it needs to be filled with water and then drop in few drops of your favourite essential oil or mix two or more, and that’s that.

Neom organics

10- Ethical Lingerie

The sexiest and latest Christmas Advice I’m gonna give you is about lingerie.
This is not only about sustainabily but also comfort.
Natural fibers are way more comfortable than synthetic ones which don’t allow the skin to breathe properly (back pimples are the only things caused by synthetic fabric I can mention here)


So, a couple of months ago I started an efforting but very productive reseach all on underwear and I found many labels which made conscious knickers&Co.

So I selected my favourite three sustainable lingerie brands you can wrap in recycled wrapping paper for your beloved ❤

Everlane Lingerie (obviously)
Azura Bay

That’s all Loves! I hope you’ll find this post usefull!

Would you add some more sustainable items on the list?

Anyways! I wish you all a Buon Natale ❤



X x