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Gender Equality vs. Feminism: #HeForShe

Originally posted on Belle Papillon 24/7:
I have reacted to a post on FEMINISM sometime last week and I would like to apologize. A blogger friend posted a quote found on FB and asked  for an opinion from readers and against my better judgement,  I reacted. It was a man’s opinion about the ‘fruit of feminism’ stating that…

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Quote Challenge (3 giorni, 3 citazioni) – Tag

(EN) Version – Quote Challenge ( 3 days , 3 quotes) – Tag Helllllloooooveees! Stavo girottando nel blog di opinionistapercaso2 , come spesso mi capita di fare…E MI SONO RICORDATA DEL TAG che ho ricevuto più di una settimana fa da parte di IhaveaLittledream e che devo assolutamente  condividere con voi!! Ho aperto il blog… Continue reading Quote Challenge (3 giorni, 3 citazioni) – Tag

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Fashion Blog-ciety Debut

Here I am, I’m gonna write my first post “about” fashion street style. You know, I read so many tutorials about how to write the very first blog post. How to make  you,readers, a good impression, a BOOM impression!!”How to write a killer post”, “How to astonish your readers”, #Howtocreatewordsaddiction and so on and on… Continue reading Fashion Blog-ciety Debut